Dabeer H.

Dabeer H. Placement Student & Cuddle Therapist Dabeer is a bright placement student and cuddle therapist at Hatch-Me, currently immersing himself in the study of psychology. Dabeer approaches his role with boundless curiosity and a heart eager to help. In his journey of self-discovery and healing, he’s chosen to explore therapy through the gentle power […]

Stephanie M.

Stephanie M. Cuddle Therapist Stephanie’s passion has always been connecting with others and healing them on an emotional and spiritual level. As a cuddle therapist she is committed to helping her clients heal and grow through talk and touch. With her warmth and natural ability to create a relaxed and judgment-free space, Stephanie is able […]

Shani Hussain

Shani Hussain Clinical Director & Behaviour Analyst Shani is a compassionate and light-hearted clinician whose unconventional approach to therapy helps clients make lasting and meaningful changes to their lives. By fusing his specialized knowledge and experience with his adept problem-solving skills, Shani has helped individuals, couples, and families facing a wide spectrum of challenges in […]

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