Stephanie M.

Cuddle Therapist

Stephanie’s passion has always been connecting with others and healing them on an emotional and spiritual level. As a cuddle therapist she is committed to helping her clients heal and grow through talk and touch. With her warmth and natural ability to create a relaxed and judgment-free space, Stephanie is able to create the perfect therapeutic environment for cuddle therapy.

For those of us that are lacking attention, touch, or are struggling with mental health, cuddles with Stephanie can heal on many levels. With her mastery of the art of affection and her ability to brighten any room she’s in, Stephanie is an exemplary cuddle therapist!

Specialization Areas

Has a PhD in Cuddle Science

Treatment Approach

Giving heckin’ good cuddles 

Fun Facts

Team Taurus

  • Enjoys painting on large canvases

  • Is a skilled pool player
  • Loves roller skating
  • Can recreate sound effects 

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