Dabeer H.

Dabeer H. Placement Student & Cuddle Therapist Dabeer is a bright placement student and cuddle therapist at Hatch-Me, currently immersing himself in the study of psychology. Dabeer approaches his role with boundless curiosity and a heart eager to help. In his journey of self-discovery and healing, he’s chosen to explore therapy through the gentle power […]

Yasmine El-Garhy

Yasmine El-Garhy Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) Yasmine offers a safe and judgment-free space for clients to find support, healing, and improved quality of life. Her experiences living in different multicultural cities has helped enhance her insight into the lives of others. Yasmine uses her bio-psycho-social lens to gather essential information from her clients, which then helps […]

Stephanie M.

Stephanie M. Cuddle Therapist Stephanie’s passion has always been connecting with others and healing them on an emotional and spiritual level. As a cuddle therapist she is committed to helping her clients heal and grow through talk and touch. With her warmth and natural ability to create a relaxed and judgment-free space, Stephanie is able […]

Rayya Brown

Rayya Brown Social Worker As a therapist, Rayya has the perfect blend of knowledge, passion, and humour. She has experience supporting individuals and groups in post-secondary and community environments on various topics such as anxiety, life transitions, building healthy relationships, and trauma. By incorporating the perfect balance of resilience and growth in her counselling sessions, […]

Shani Hussain

Shani Hussain Clinical Director & Behaviour Analyst Shani is a compassionate and light-hearted clinician whose unconventional approach to therapy helps clients make lasting and meaningful changes to their lives. By fusing his specialized knowledge and experience with his adept problem-solving skills, Shani has helped individuals, couples, and families facing a wide spectrum of challenges in […]

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