Hinnah Khan

Client Experience Adviser

As a healthcare professional, Hinnah uses her experience working in hospitals, clinics, and a variety of support groups in order to guide operations at Hatch-Me. Hinnah provides valuable insights from both a medical and community-based lens in order to ensure that clients receive ethical, effective, and high-quality services.

With a passion for improving the future of health care, Hinnah deconstructs the stigma around mental health and helps foster a client-focused narrative. Through her guidance, Hinnah cultivates Hatch-Me’s growth and mission to help all experience effective, ethical, and compassionate therapy!

Specialization Areas

Currently Pursuing Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada

  • Medical & Psychiatric Knowledge
  • Community Guidelines & Standards of Practice
  • Health Content

Treatment Approach

Spreading knowledge and advocacy faster than a Karen asking for a supervisor 

Fun Facts

Libra League

  • Enjoys writing comedies
  • Didn’t know a parrot was a bird
  • Is a huge tennis fan
  • Her Spotify Wrapped ranges from Jack Harlow to Urdu Qawalli

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