Feeling lost or hopeless is completely natural, but we shouldn’t let these feelings imprison us; counselling and life coaching from our team of Psychotherapists and Behaviour Analysts around the Greater Toronto Area can work wonders. We offer personal counselling that can effectively bolster self-improvement, address mental health concerns, and help bring purpose and clarity to your life. Our certified therapists also provide marriage & couples counselling to help combat resentment, foster healthy communication, and restore love.

Counselling can help you improve self-confidence, see life from a different perspective, create happiness, and reach your goals — whether they are in work, in sport, or in relationships. Don’t wait to wonder what more you could be doing — contact us now to get started on a new you!


After conducting a Bio-Psycho-Social assessment, you and your therapist will determine which areas in your life need the most focus.


In order to make significant and meaningful changes, our team incorporates a wide array of evidence-based interventions including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT), and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), to help you unlock the solutions within yourself.


You and your therapist will be a dynamic duo; it is our job to plant these seeds of change, but it is up to you to help them grow.

$80-$180/hour (this service is taxed and fees are based on factors such as location and preferred staff qualifications).


This service is billable by most insurance providers!

Your life may turn from 😞 to 😊


Rodger S.

He never cares if our session goes over the time—he listens and wants to help. I could tell even before meeting him that he genuinely cares about me and all my problems. I'll never go to another therapist again. He's funny and really chill and gives amazing guidance. I could go on and on but I won't. He's simply the best!

Rodger S.
Ann S.

I will be grateful to you forever. All of the tools/tricks you taught me literally saved my family. Words could never express just how much that means to me.

Ann S.
Mother of 4
Arsalan H.

Amazing therapist, doesn't make me feel like I'm in counseling but rather that I'm talking to an old friend, someone who cares for me but at the same time is straightforward and candid when it comes to addressing the important issues in my life. The fact that I can have these sessions anywhere, even at my own home is nice too, especially with my hectic schedule. Thank you for all of your support and insight, and for helping me hatch out of my shell!

Arsalan H.

Like anyone might be, I was struggling with the thought of if I needed help or not but after going with the service of Hatch-Me all my doubts and worries washed away because I had an amazing journey learning strategies of how to better myself and thus my life.

Kevin K.

I attended one of the parenting workshops and learned so much. I loved how passionate and entertaining the presenter was. I've had 2 individual sessions so far and have seen a difference in my kids and I feel so much relief. You rock!!

Sabrina G.
Foster Parent