Affection counselling and cuddle therapy are designed to reduce stress by connecting you to the present while giving you a genuine sense of being cared for. The release of oxytocin (the love hormone) into the body helps to calm you and makes you better able to handle stress. What could otherwise be overwhelming may become something that is simply laughed off.

Also, you may find you are better able to distract yourself from what is troubling you, or simply confront the issue head-on and solve it. Our professional cuddlers around the Greater Toronto Area can help you feel the tension melt away, leaving you with a sense of peace and comfort.

Cuddle therapy can become a base for health, wellness, and happiness—just make sure you choose someone with expert cuddling skills!


Each session will be catered to what your needs are; whether you prefer to be the big spoon or the little spoon, want a tender hug, or simply just want to hold hands, you design the cuddling session perfect for you!


Both the therapist and the cuddler will be fully clothed during the session; despite the intimate nature of this service, all sessions are held to a professional and ethical standard.

$80-$140/hour (This service is taxed and fees are determined by your location)

This service has been reported to be highly addicting…snuggle at your own risk 🤗


Rodger S.

He never cares if our session goes over the time—he listens and wants to help. I could tell even before meeting him that he genuinely cares about me and all my problems. I'll never go to another therapist again. He's funny and really chill and gives amazing guidance. I could go on and on but I won't. He's simply the best!

Rodger S.
Ann S.

I will be grateful to you forever. All of the tools/tricks you taught me literally saved my family. Words could never express just how much that means to me.

Ann S.
Mother of 4
Arsalan H.

Amazing therapist, doesn't make me feel like I'm in counseling but rather that I'm talking to an old friend, someone who cares for me but at the same time is straightforward and candid when it comes to addressing the important issues in my life. The fact that I can have these sessions anywhere, even at my own home is nice too, especially with my hectic schedule. Thank you for all of your support and insight, and for helping me hatch out of my shell!

Arsalan H.

Like anyone might be, I was struggling with the thought of if I needed help or not but after going with the service of Hatch-Me all my doubts and worries washed away because I had an amazing journey learning strategies of how to better myself and thus my life.

Kevin K.

I attended one of the parenting workshops and learned so much. I loved how passionate and entertaining the presenter was. I've had 2 individual sessions so far and have seen a difference in my kids and I feel so much relief. You rock!!

Sabrina G.
Foster Parent